Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"What Can You Say to a Grieving Atheist?" and More of My Atheist Musings on Bubblews

Wow!  I haven't posted on this blog since April!I've actually put very little attention to writing on atheist relevant topics since then but I have put up a few such posts including one called "What Can You Say to a Grieving Atheist?"

On the same topic I also posted "On Comforting Atheist Grief" and on a related topic, "Why Do Some Christians Think It's a Good Idea to Try To Convert Grieving People?"

Please keep in mind that these only represent my opinion and that they aren't intended as end-all be-all guides to anything or even as articles.  They are opinion pieces and your thoughts and input to those discussions are completely welcome.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is An Atheist View Getting Stale?

I was recently checking a page of mine to see if all the links on it still work.  I freshened it up a little with some new text but I'm a bit concerned it looks stale.  If you have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you'd check it out and let me know what you think.  If you have any ideas for keeping it a little more current I'd appreciate those as well.

The page in question is:
An Atheist View

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Do Atheists Think About Homeless People?

I tend to study the search terms that land people on my articles and editorials.  That's just part of my "thing."  I love to analyze things and, provide things useful to searchers or make a connection I find interesting.  I am in love with data of all kinds.

In any case, this sort of odd search has been popping up for several years now and it was so odd to me that I just didn't know what, exactly, I could do with it.  The search varies in how it is phrased but it is roughly, "What is the atheist view of homelessness?" as well as, "What is the atheist view of homeless people?"  I know, right?  What the heck does that even mean?

I understand how that sort of search lands people both on my pages concerning atheism and those concerning homelessness but what on earth would prompt such a search in the first place?  Lately, similar searches have been popping up a lot more frequently so I decided to take a stab (in the dark, really) at answering whatever question the people doing the searching are asking.

I've written a page expressing my individual atheist view of homelessness and homeless people which includes a bit of speculation as to why people would think atheists have some uniform view on the subject and as to why people might search for such a thing.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm dead wrong on the subject as to what the searchers may be thinking.  I'm a high-functioning autistic so I often excel at misjudging what others are thinking.

If you have any idea why people would be searching for atheist views on homelessness or why they would think atheists, as a group, have some sort of singular view of homeless people or homelessness please, enlighten me.  You can find what I've written so far at An Atheist View on Homelessness which, you may note is simply providing my view of homelessness and homeless people.  If you have different views of homeless people and are an atheist, I'd greatly appreciate your comments in the comment section on that page.  If you are someone searching for atheist views on homelessness, I'd also appreciate your comments posted on that page to help everyone make sense out of what is being wondered by people who search for atheist views on homelessness. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

NaCl Available on Amazon - Free Copies for Select Reviewers

OK, so this is not an atheist relevant post other than that I'm an atheist and I created some of the album art for my partner's album of somewhat liberal and experimental rock and roll.  You can listen to clips from NaCl on Amazon or buy the album as a package of mp3s or as a CD.

You can watch a video (soon to be two videos) from the album on Reverbnation and listen to different clips and whole songs from NaCl.  

If you are a writer and would like a free CD of NaCl, contact me and I will furnish a free copy of NaCl in exchange for an honest, substantial review on Amazon.  Supplies are extremely limited.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

16 Atheist Documentaries You Can Watch for Free on DocumentaryStorm

I just popped on for a moment so I could share a link to a website where you can watch sixteen atheist documentaries for free.  I have a slow Internet connection and computer but I was able to load and watch the documentaries.  If you have an issue with getting the videos to load, try restarting your computer or switching browsers.

Atheist Documentaries on DocumentaryStorm

I plan to go through and write a brief review of each of the atheist documentaries on the website and post them here as time allows. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Do Threat-Type Messages Occur In Clusters or Waves?

Most abusive comments don't make it to the page because most people delete them if they contain swearing to keep their pages visible or simply don't publish them to avoid turning their blog, editorial, or article into venue for a flame war.  I practice a little of both.  I don't publish comments with any swearing on Squidoo because my pages will become invisible to the public if I do and if comments anywhere cross a threat line I take them down or don't publish them.  I follow similar rules on my blogs but allow some mild swearing.  All of this makes it difficult for others to tell when I'm getting abusive comments.  I presume it is the same for other bloggers and atheist writers.  So I'm wondering if anyone else is getting clumps and clusters of sweary-pants comments right now?  

I hadn't gotten any for over two weeks and then they started trickling in again.  Now I'm getting them in clusters of three or four at a time, several times per day from what appear to be different people.  This has always been how it happened in the past, stretches without nasty comments or threats interspersed with clumps and clusters of them.  Before, they always seemed to correspond with something atheist relevant I'd written experiencing a burst of near popularity.  This time, my view counts are pretty small on my atheist material, and my most popular writing at the moment has to do with crafts.  Are the vocal anti-atheist, anti-non-Christian folks just generally extra stirred up right now or something?

The kind of weird thing is that the sweary comments I'm getting contain zero death threats so far.  I'll take that as a good sign but maybe it's just an indication that the death threat people are bothering someone else at the moment.

So what is your theory as to why the nasty comments tend to come in clusters rather than more-or-less evenly scattered in time?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Atheist Documentary: Anything but an Atheist: Chapter One

Earlier this week it was my pleasure to be introduced to a site devoted entirely to showing documentaries.  I also found out they have an entire category for atheist documentaries. 

As I browsed through their selection deciding which one to watch first Anything but an Atheist caught my eye.  The title grabbed me because it’s something I can relate to as an American atheist.  Some people don’t seem to be bothered by whatever you are just so long as you aren’t an atheist.  In any case I loaded it up and watched chapter one of Anything but an Atheist today.

It starts out with a graphical depiction of the statistics from the University of Minnesota’s data showing how atheists are America’s least trusted minority.  It moves on to show some very revealing clips from television shows illustrating how very acceptable it still is to bash or hate atheists in a very open manner. 

The documentary shows quite a few prominent people who are atheists or who were atheists when they were alive throughout the video.  While I’ve seen a lot of lists of celebrity atheists I liked seeing their faces.  I think it’s really helpful to put faces to people to break down the stereotypes. 

There are also a few segments showing interviews with atheists who have experienced discrimination.  While I’ve seen the clip from 20/20 with the young lady in Utah who was treated so awfully once her family came out as atheists, it still got me a bit teary-eyed because her experience being a young atheist in small town America is so similar to my own.  There’s no reason people need to do this to people whose beliefs aren’t harming them one bit.

Anyway, I think that chapter one of Anything but an Atheist is well worth a watch.  I look forward to watching more of this documentary.  I also think it might be a good tool to help atheists show their friends and family members what kind of problems atheists in America face.  Many theists aren’t even aware that this kind of thing goes on and I think they need to be if we’re ever going to be accepted by the society we live in.